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glidian case study

7 Hour Scale-Up Execution Project for Series A Health-tech Founder 

Project Goals in Statement of Work:

Project Goals in Statement of Work:

1. Develop robust hiring progress and company-wide, scalable accountability metrics

2. Create corporate communications tailored for various audiences (internal, recruiting, on-boarding, PR/marketing)

3. Provide on-demand support to the COO for any significant challenges occurring during hiring sprint

project format:

1. Develop a Scale-Up Plan (1.5 hours)

2. Discuss culture, accountability and communications (1 hour)

3. Strategize exec team issue resolution, and provide support for C-team via email, phone, or ad-hoc meetings (4 hours)


1. Thought partnership to develop options for scaled up organizational structure including leveling of roles to ensure that current employees had room to grow, and developing new roles to attract the best talent


2. Organizational chart for senior team communications and onboarding


3. Recommendations for recruiters to fill specific roles 


4. Culture survey results review and options for company culture statement


5. Discussion facilitation to reach an executive team decision 



Accelerated team growth from 22 to 33 people in a few months, with minimal friction

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