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openback case study

Mobile App CEO needs to refine value proposition to effectively expand into adjacent markets

3 Work sessions facilitated by expert who has been a product lead at gaming, music, and wellness consumer apps

  • (45 mins) Understand best practice examples of product leads “taking a risk” to bring in external tech. What features? Product lifecycle? Sales process? Integration consultants?

  • (1.5 hours) Identify 2-3 Key Target Customer Profiles / Segments for adjacent markets and Develop positioning (and list of information/data needed to support positioning)

  • (45 mins) Refine Branding and Messaging

  • Identified the 4 (out of 20) signals most important to key customers

  • Refined value proposition and designed ideal pilot for new target ICPs based on best practice to handle purchase influencers, fiscal cycles, etc.

  • Identify purchase influencers, their motivations, and how to get their approval

  • How to create a network effect with product leads (e.g. studios at gaming company)


One page summary of value proposition and new target ICPs


project format:


“My Arise Daily expert - a product lead at a target customer - helped us get into the head of our ideal customer, sharpened our value proposition and sales collateral, identified compelling product benefits we overlooked, and catalyzed new ideas. He was well prepared, helped me prioritize features, and bluntly told me what didn't work and exactly how to fix it. I was pleasantly surprised by his multi-page summary of all the insights and recommended tactics. Our conversations gave me a deeper understanding about the things we need to evolve and skills we need to bring in.”

–David Shackleton, CEO at OpenBack. Previously: Ding.
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