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web3 entry case study

An ESG Investment Company with decades of focus on sustainability, the environment looking to launch a community or product in web3

2 Work sessions facilitated by Expert Pat Yiu, CEO of (Kleiner Perkins backed Series A), web3 insider on:

  1. NFT and web3 Community Building Best Practices. What are the best launch strategies given our goals? Who should we hire as developers? How do we attract and retain a community moderator? Examples of highly regarded products.

  2. DAO building best practice. Examples of the best DAOs. What scenario would building a DAO be better than launching an NFT project?

  • Lay of the land in web3, the big players, the expectations for launches

  • Made introductions to trusted, high quality dev shops and community builders

“A no bullshit insider who tells it like it is, and that is invaluable to me.”

project format:


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